Our Favorite Cashmere Sweater

What’s so great about cashmere? It’s warm, it’s soft, and it can be worn against the skin, but if you don’t have a favorite cashmere sweater, it can be difficult to explain what’s so great about them. Hopefully this may give you an idea:

Our favorite cashmere sweater comes from Pashmere, a small Italian company in Perugia, up in the mountains of central Italy. There, the Rosso family has produced high quality knitwear since 1965, and from beginning to end, at each stage the making of their sweaters is a labor-intensive and highly personal affair.

The cashmere they source from the Himalayas is only the finest grade--pashmina, hence the company name. It is knitted on a restored traditional loom by skilled craftsmen Riccardo and Ugo, before it is passed on to Marinella, Anna, Colombina, and Giuseppina, who work the linking machines, assembling the yards of knitted fabric into chests and sleeves.

Then its on to Patrizia, Ornella, and Giusy, who manually finish the sweaters, turning them into the polished pieces we expect when we think of a sweater.

Rita and Laura are responsible for the pigmentation of the sweaters, immersing them in traditional vegetable dyes before rinsing them with natural soap.

Finally, Catia and Antonia steam and press them into shape. The end result is a woolen good that is both sophisticated and durable, an artisanal work in its own right.


Why not make this year’s Christmas sweater a little more personal?


See you soon,