Bring on the New Season

Now that we are over regretting the loss of sun and warmth… the loss of linen jackets, summer colors, sun glasses, the dilemma of.. to wear socks or not. The slam of screen doors, open windows and gin drinks.

Now that the Autumn foliage reminds us that indeed the seasons have changed, it is time to enjoy sartorially what Fall has to offer.

How about the addition of a light wool scarf? It is not just the warmth of the fabric around your neck, it is a signal to passersby that you are a man who cares how he looks. The addition of a subtle dash of pattern and color.

Or corduroy trousers that are perfect for cool mornings and warmer afternoons.

The colors and texture of a Shetland crewneck sweater.

Our shelves and bar racks are brimming with these necessities and indulgences.


See you soon,