Hi All,

Just back from the New York City Spring 2017 Market.

A few observations:

1. Midtown Manhattan is more clogged than ever. Traffic on all streets and avenues moves at a snail’s pace. Easier and faster (and better for my wrist calorie/exerciser tracker) to walk ten blocks. Cars in cities is a problem, Portland included. Where are the leaders with vision? BUT I still love Manhattan.

2. Overall, the sportswear casual side of the wardrobe is becoming dressier and more elegant. The tailored, dressy side is becoming softer and more casual. Should mean we are heading towards a smaller and more stylish (and more comfortable) wardrobe.

3. Tasteful prints on woven and knit shirts. The shirt is the main statement in a smart casual wardrobe, and we will have plenty of new options.

4. The trimmer (not tight) model for coats, pants, sweaters and woven shirts is still current and stylish. Flat front pants are still the style, but we will introduce a single (and very subtle) pleat pant this Fall called the “Tucker” for the men looking for "just a little" change.

5. As color goes, shades of blue reign supreme with some “pop” colors of red and sage green. Neutral grounds are still tans, grays and olive green.

We have started taking markdowns on some of our Spring/Summer inventory. A great time to add some seasonal enhancements to your wardrobe with plenty of warm weather left.

Don’t tell anyone; the selection will be better for you.


See you soon,