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Key items for Fall: A new way to dress for business or casual: Peruvian Pima Knit shirts with button front and button cuff detail (like a dress shirt). A new outerwear line (new to us) from the oldest outerwear manufacturer in Italy called "Sealup". Their heritage is foul weather gear for dock workers. The highest quality we have seen in modern and stylish street wear versions of classic favorites. Our sport coat models are even softer and less constructed than last year. The trend, as we see it, is dress clothing  becoming softer and more comfortable and casual wear  becoming more elegant and stylish.



The close relationships we have made with many of our vendors is important to the style and quality we stand for. Read more.

Custom Clothing. Self Assured.


Custom Clothing; whether it be suits, jackets, trousers or shirts, is the most direct line to cloths that fit and are comfortable and stylish. At David Wood, our custom clothing is just a bit more than ready-made and delivery in a jiffy. Usually three weeks. Self assured.




At David Wood, we believe that fashion and style are very different. Fashion is dictated. Style is exclusively yours. And while fashion is fleeting, style has passed the test of time.

We are a true brick and mortar establishment, outfitting men with style since 1978. Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about assisting in the creation of your style.

Since personal attention and fit is such an important part of our business, we have moved slowly towards a point and click option to order any of our products. But alas, somewhat reluctantly, we offer this option. Click on SHOP at the top of this page. We also welcome your phone or e-mail inquiries about our goods and services, or even our recommendations for a good meal or  place to stay while visiting Portland. 

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