The Benefits:


1. Versatility

A Fit Kit is a collection of a few essential items that will never go out of style. It is both versatile and interchangeable. It is infinitely easier to organize and maintain than a wardrobe over-filled with items you do not wear.

2. Simplicity

DO NOT mistake simple for boring. 'Spice' it up and color up with added seasonal wear and accessories. A small wardrobe with the perfect accessories in just the right amount can be worn in countless variations and combinations.

3. Less Money Spent

Less is more. Buy less but buy better, and you will invariably save money.


The Rules:

1. Begin to Analyze Your Existing Wardrobe

Ask yourself: "Do I wear it regularly?" If not, donate it. Keep only those things that get worn most often, there is a reason the other stuff does not get worn regularly, or not at all. These garments add physical and mental clutter. More on the un-cluttering part later...


2. Buy Less, but Buy Better

Choose high quality fabrics for both appearance, fit, comfort and durability. Remember, the whole idea is fewer clothes, so fewer pieces get worn more often.

You will save a lot of money by not buying a lot of cheap garments that won't last. Higher quality will fit better and last longer.


3. Gain Versatility

The right collection of classic, timeless wardrobe pieces can be paired with just about anything, and is a wardrobe that allows you to always look great without an overabundance of options. Typically as people we tend to get 'crippled' by indecision; if there are too many options, we tend to just stare at them blankly while the clock ticks before having to leave for work, etc.


4. Embrace Neutrals as King

Base colors of suits, jackets, pants and outerwear should first be neutral. These are primarily whites, blacks, grays, khakis.

Any/all other colors in the fashion world change but neutrals last forever. When it comes to seasonal fashion items, pick one or two colors to accent. This is what we call 'Spice'.


5. Add Some 'Spice'

Don't be afraid of color, more specifically accent colors, or 'Spice'.

Choose a couple colors for:

  • Sweaters
  • Knits
  • Ties
  • Socks
  • Belts

Choose colors that are perhaps flattering, express mood for the day, or that reflect seasonal tone. You may instinctively know what works, but again, don't be afraid of color. Since you will already have the neutral foundation of garments on, any colors will accent them, but not overpower. Let your instinct showcase your personality. More on seasonal specific colors later...